Zayne Malik has left One Direction...and the world is freaking out...check the video to see what happened when I found out...

50 Shades of Grey just got hotter...because the unrated DVD is coming out...and it apparently contains even more graphic scenes and an alternate ending for your at home viewing pleasure.  Yesterday at teaser video was released asking if we want more...and as someone who watched it in the theater...I think I am good with the level that I saw there...but if you like things a little raunchier it comes out on May 8th.

Iggy Azalea got a boob we know the real reason why she has delayed going on is so her new girls could heal before she jumped and ran around on stage because Iggy admitted to having body issues after moving to Hollywood and considering modeling and when asked if she would change anything she said...I did...four months ago I got implants.

Vin Diesel called out the Oscars...he declared yesterday that Fast and The Furious 7 will win the Oscar for best picture next year...if not, the Oscars will lose all relevancy because this is going to be the biggest movie of the year...which I totally agree with him.  I am over boring movies taking the title!

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