Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez recently sat down with Gwen and Selena for their first interview together to talk about their collaboration, and the superstars shared a mutual respect and appreciation that they hope will translate into their work with the contestants.


"It's so fun being on the show. It's so inspiring," Gwen said of her return to "The Voice" after taking Season 8 off.

The industry veteran discussed why working with a young icon like Selena has helped her regain a fresh perspective after decades in the business.


"It's just incredible to me to think of somebody that's been doing it since they were a child, like it's hard to understand it," Gwen said of the former Disney star.


"The dedication and the years that she's put in and to only be so young but have so much experience is kind of incredible," she continued, explaining that Selena's early start in showbiz has likely helped the 23-year-old find more solid ground than some of her peers.


As a result, Gwen added, the "Come and Get It" singer is ready to branch out.


"I feel like I can feel her energy and like what she's doing right now, she's really blossoming and really coming to her own," Gwen said. "She's like really being honest and finding herself."


Selena agreed, saying that she's felt nothing but "good vibes" since joining the show and that Gwen has proven an ideal colleague.


"I'm learning a lot being here. I've been in a transition period with my music, so it is, like [Gwen] said, inspiring," she began.


"I love being in the presence of women, especially women who are so comfortable in their own skin and support other women," she continued.


Selena and Gwen will be in good company when "The Voice" Season 9 premieres on September 21 on NBC.


As previously reported on, the show has another serious dose of girl power in store for Season 9 when Rihanna makes her "Voice" debut as a key advisor to all four coaches' teams.


"I always feel like when I'm in the presence of someone older than me I have this respect and I love that I can learn," Selena said. "I want to learn from people, I want to be around women who are, you know, nurturing and care and smart and creative."


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Her time on the show has already given Selena plenty to think about, but she admitted the decision to come aboard was a no-brainer.

"First off, you don't say no to Gwen," she said.


For more with Gwen and Selena, tune in to Monday night's "Access Hollywood" (check local listings).

Perrie Edwards had some girl time with the ULTIMATE Queen Bee when her band, Little Mix, performed with Taylor Swift on Aug. 15 — and her ex, Zayn Malik, is NOT feelin’ it! To prove his point, the singer totally dissed Tay (and praised Miley Cyrus!) by retweeting a shocking message on Twitter.


Zayn Malik, 22, is not a fan of Perrie Edwards’ new gal pal Taylor Swift! After throwing shade at his ex on Twitter, Zayn went after Taylor next…and it was just after the “Bad Blood” singer showed her allegiance to Perrie by inviting Little Mix to join her on stage in California!

Okay, pay attention — this might get a bit confusing! Zayn didn’t write his own message about Taylor, but he did retweet a post that really slammed the 25-year-old. The tweet included quotes from both Taylor and Miley Cyrus, 22, and their different views on sharing their music with the world.



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