E on The Q When Justin Bieber Is Pure

Kim Kardashian has a HAIRY forehead...she let that secret slip to People Magazine and she said people used to just always photoshop it for her but that she does treatments to keep it smooth.

The Sexy Farmer is coming to Dancing with the stars aww shucky ducky y'all...Chris Soules has been confirmed as the 12 secret contestant for this coming season...so he is a little bit of what you are in for...
the only thing we can hope for is this time he doesn't plow as many fields...if ya know what I mean...WINK WINK
And Justin Bieber...he wants us to think he is pure...BAHAHAHAHAHAHA...okay now that I got that out my system he covers Men Health this month and he talks about how he wants us to go back to seeing him as the innocent guy he once was...but C'mon biebs...we have seen you pee in a mop bucket and spit on fans to be cruel...and photoshopped abs aint gonna bring us back around
and finally...
Kanye West actually did something nice...he threw a free concert last night...so it was across the pond but he made the announcement on Twitter that his fans could come get free tickets while they lasted...but cmon...if you are still a fan of Kanye at this point...you deserve a parade...or at least a lick of his ice cream...oh