E on The Q When Ariana Busts Her Face!


Ariana Grande fell on her face...so first things first...she is okay...so it is okay to laugh at her...she was in concert in Toronto last night and her ridiculous heeled thigh high boots got the best of her and she took a stumble...shockingly...she never stopped singing...wink wink...

Channing Tatum has a big...movie announcement.  Get your mind out of the gutter...the sexy man himself will be starring in an all male cast revamp of Ghostbusters after the female one is released.  It is still in the very early stages...I am already voting though that we change it to "who you gonna call? Channing Tatum!"  
Kim Kardashian is giving Baby North West unrealistic expectations out of life...because her child sleeps in pearls.  while most people keep their jewelry worth a couple mortgage payments in a jewelry box...that does not happen in the Kardashian home...they let their toddler play and sleep in it...and I am guessing she also sleeps on a mattress stuffed with money.
We have two Bachelorettes...so after one of their highest rated seasons in Bachelor history...the show was promoting a huge twist all week and last night we found out that Katelyn and Britt are both the next Bachelorette...once in the house with the 25 eligible men, the guys will decide which woman they most want to compete for...which sucks for Katelyn...cuz dudes can be shallow will almost certainly go with Britt.