E on The Q Where Dakota Johnson Wants MILLIONS!

Rob Kardashian said no to his mom...and will not be on the Biggest Loser.  According to my source it turns out that the reality show has been scouting him for sometime and that Kris Jenner was really pushing the show on him as a way to drop some pounds...but after weeks of listening to his mother, my source says he finally put his foot down and said he does not want to be publicly embarrassed anymore...which would also explain why we never see him out with Kim anymore...
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are seeking raises...so the two only got paid a little over $200,000 for their roles as Anastasia and Christian...which while crazy amazing money...is small compared to the fact that it has gone on to generate 100's of millions of dollars...and word on the street is that they are both holding out for Million dollar paydays to star in the sequel. Which as much nudity and "vintage" hairstyle that Dakota showed off...I say give it to her at least! 
Taylor Swift has a man in her life...and it is Calvin Harris.  So our girl Taylor not only went to his show over the weekend but has been hanging out with him.  According to my source...it is not dating yet...but more like "talking" but now that they are both stateside...this has the potential to be a blossoming romance.
Kanye West song leaked...and oh my gosh...there is no way that he ever wanted this song out...it is horrible.  It is called awesome and the whole thing is him rapping about how awesome he and Kim are...which, c'mon...that is totally debatable.  Watch the video above to catch some of the highlights