E on The Q With Scary Pancakes

Nicki Minaj is fueding...with pancakes...I can only hope homegirl was hitting the syrup a little too hard because she took to Twitter to tell IHop to sit the heck down and stop trying to sound cool...and the Tweet that led to her rage came from IHOP and it just said "I ain't got no type...pancakes are the only thing I like" hmm...maybe Nicki is just more of a french toast kinda girl.
Kathy Griffin quit Fashion Police.  So after only 7 episodes, Kathy released a statement that she was jumping ship yesterday.  Her reasoning was basically that she loves a good mean joke but does not want to use her humor for body shaming.  Now not shockingly, attention seeking Kelly Osbourne jumped all over this tweeting out how proud she is of Kathy but shockingly E! announced that Fashion Police will still start airing again on March 31st.  I do not see this show lasting much longer...
Frozen Two is official.  What Elsa could you ask for? Disney made the announcement yesterday that the sequel is in the works...which I am shocked it took this long because the last movie made like $1.27 Billion.  The only sad part is that there is no release date yet...so if you cannot wait to get your fill of Ana and Elsa...there is a new song out for the Pixar short 
2015 is the year of Britney Spears...because she is not only working it in her Vegas show but on a new album as well.  She told Billboard that slowly but surely she is working on a new album but we will probably just see some stellar singles first...on top of that...rumor has it she is in talks to be next year's Super Bowl Halftime performer...and not like NSYNC's special guest like she was last time but full on headliner.