E on The Q SWISH!

Kanye West is the Gretchen Weiners of Hollywood...because he keeps trying to make swish a thing...and much like fetch...it is never going to catch on.  Yesterday Kanye tweeted out multiple naked pictures of Kim Kardashian and four of them were just captioned with the word Swish.  Stop trying so hard Kanye...oh and ask your wife to swish her top back on.  Thanks!
Miley Cyrus being cheated on?!?  Ummm...thats what it looks like because pics were snapped of her dude Patrick hugging up on and taking body shots off of another woman.  Now he says she is just a friend...but friends don't just body shot friends. Dude needs to simmer though because last time Miley had a breakup...we got Wrecking Ball...

Ariana Grande's lady bits on blast...for everyone to hear because her boyfriend Big Sean just released a song discussing the intimate details of their love life...that if I repeated it, I would be fired before I even finished the sentence.  Now Big Sean did an interview where he said he doesn't need to run his lyrics by Ariana for permission...but I have a feeling moving forward...he is gonna have to say something because no woman would be flattered by what he said.  

A Famous blonde is taking out her implants...Kendra Wilkinson...her past has finally caught up with her because Kendra wants to turn a new leaf and separate herself from the Playboy lifestyle that made her famous in the first place.  She told Daily Mail she sees her body differently now that she is a mother and she doesn't want it to be about pleasing men anymore.