E On The Q Where Chris Brown is a Troll

Scott Disick is being paid to go to rehab.  Good job Kardashians...way to play with our sympathies to get a ratings boost.  So it turns out that Kris Jenner brokered a deal somewhere around $500,000 for Scott to endorse a rehab facility in Costa Rica...which no one would have probably ever known about...but the rehab center sent out a press release announcing the partnership.  Go get cancelled already...
and speaking of cancelled
Fashion Police is circling the drain.  E! hasn't officially pulled the plug yet but says the show will not be back until next fall...AKA they hope we forget about it and they are able to quietly get rid of it.
Katie Holmes is rocking a new man...Jamie Foxx!  So these two are taking it to a whole new hot and heavy level because they have been spotted holding hands...but according to my source they have been spending a lot of time together and Katie is at his house all hours of the day.  Listen...as long as he doesn't jump on a couch and declare his love...we are good and this is a Tom Cruise upgrade...
Chris Brown is troll...because was busted stalking an ex on social media...which while we all do it, his dum dum self commented on a picture.  Karreuche Tran posted a Bootylicious picture and translated Chris basically wrote...you are beautiful, so don't let anger make you a hoochie...to which America said shut up!
PeeWee Herman is back.  After a really long hiatus Judd Apatow is taking his chances with Herman again and is working on a new Peewee adventure. Now it will be produced exclusively for NetFlix which makes sense...because you know...we don't really trust peewee in movie theaters.  It is still in production, and don't worry 80's babies...this one will probably give you nightmares too.