E on The Q Where Adam Levine Hits A Fan

Kate Middleton is getting a Taurus...no not that kind.  While I'm sure royalty appreciates a good Ford, the royal family announced yesterday that Kate and Prince William are expecting their next baby to be born mid to late April giving them a little bundle of Taurus.  Now heads up to them...because Taurus's are known to be headstrong.

Someone touched Drake's hair...and nobody does that.  Because footage has surfaced from over the weekend with him performing in a night club in Dubai and some fan reached out and grabbed his head...now to me it looked like a fan just trying to reach out and touch him but that man got the stink eye from Drake and the next thing you know...a fight broke out in the crowd between dude and the body guard.  Moral of the story, don't touch Drake's hair. 
Adam Levine hit a fan in the face...So he got a case of the rage while in concert when his sound equipment had some technical difficulties...Adam threw his microphone which bounced off the stage and then popped a fan in the forehead.  
Eve Mendes shared how to keep Ryan Gosling happy...she said never do sweatpants.  She told Extra that the leading cause of divorce in America is wearing sweatpants...well she basically just doomed my future marriage...because my man is lucky to see me not wearing stretch pants...plus...nothing is as fine as that elastic fit on the ankle...
and stop eating your breakfast for a second...I don't want you to get sick...because 
Madonna has sexual chemistry with Justin Bieber...and it's kinda like a trainwreck you can't look away from.  Yesterday the two were on the Ellen Show where they engaged in a dirty version of "Never Have I Ever" and basically all it was was the two of them saying innapropriate things to each other and Madonna talking about Bieber's body in his Calvin Klein Shoot.