E On The Q With The Dating Game

Katy Perry is back on the market.  Girl has come to her senses and broke up with John Mayer.  Now according to my source she and John only got back together because it was easy...which come on... we've all been there done that...and it was going well until old problems resurfaced with the worst of them being John's inability to handle her being so much more famous than him...
Bradley Cooper is back on the market.  Ladies...this is not a test. If you are interested, he is a 6'1 Capricorn who goes by Coop, enjoys Sushi and reading...and also lives with his Mom...but don't worry...she'll do your laundry too


A member of One Direction has left the band...Zayn Malik.  He abandoned the group on tour and is saying it is due to stress but that he will be back.  He is currently in England and the band issued an official statement wishing him a full recovery but this is following on the heels of rumors he cheated on his girlfriend and rumors that the boys had to pass a drug test for some of their Asian shows.
Kanye's fans are just as crazy Kanye...because some nutso bid $29,517 for Kanye's leftovers.  After he ate at a restaurant in London, a man kept his fast food trash and put it up on Ebay...now if you want to bid it is still up on the auction block...but all it is is his dirty napkin and his fry container with some leftover fries.