E on The Q Where Liz is Twinsies w/ The Rock!

Can you smell what the rock is singing?!? because Dwayne Johnson announced yesterday that he will be starring in a Disney animated film out next year where he will play a character named Mauiu and the whole thing is a musical...not only will he do his own stunts...but he will also be singing his own songs.

Avril Lavigne's mystery illness has been revealed...Lyme Disease.  She did an interview with People magazine where she let everyone know that she was bedridden for 5 months and it all stemmed from a mosquito bite that she received on Tour...she said that her illness is what led to rumors that her husband Chad Kroger was cheating on her but it was just that she couldn't get out with him.
The Kardashians just got a new show...excuse me while I go toss my cookies...because it is official, E has signed the paperwork for a spinoff show called Dash Dolls that will follow employees in their store.  It debuts in the fall and also means that the family with the least talent in Hollywood will make even more money while still doing nothing because they will get a large cut of the series by association.  BTW...you can't see me...but I'm rolling my eyes right now...
Today is a sad day in America for Twilight fans...because Edward is off the market.  Robert Pattinson is officially engaged to FKA Twigs.  His friend TPain let the cat out of the bag in an interview with Vulture...now he tried to play it off as an April Fool's Joke...but after reaching out to sources...it turns out it is in fact true.  Good luck to the happy lovebirds and at least he didn't wind up with Kristin Stewart.