This must be how dudes felt about the new Star Wars...but this is the Bachelor Season I've been waiting for.  After Prince Farming, the bar is high...and this season started off with some serious potential...and Ben spending about ten minutes telling us about how he likes to hang around his elementary school...
Inline image 1
Will there be friends with "Ben"efits this season...Hell Yeah!

Inline image 2

Oh my turned into bro club and Ben got advice from three former bachelors..two married and One Prince Farming who basically said...smooch them all! (Sigh, I miss his trashiness already)
Inline image 3

Mandy...there has to be a weird girl every season...and she is a dentist who enjoys flaming bag pipes...who refuses to date someone who doesn't floss..and she asked him to pollinate her
Inline image 4

And now the twins. Two sisters willing to make out with the same dude. They are either here for fame...or creepily close and I'm voting the creepy side right now.
Inline image 5

Amanda is the girl who is so pretty you know no one has ever told her no. She is divorced and a Mom of two and somehow only like 90 pounds aka living the dream.
Inline image 6

Hello Tara...her job is chicken enthusiast. She pets them, feeds them and even lets them live in her house. Not sure how she pays the bills because she is clearly not eating them.
Inline image 7

Sam reminds me of that show Younger. Saying she is 26 but actually in her 40's. She had a sob I already feel guilty for saying that.
Inline image 8

First girl out of the Limo was Lauren and she is a flight attendant who gave him wings...I see Mile High Club in his future ;)
Inline image 9

Then Caila who wanted to touch his she jumped in his arms...but he didn't drop her Le Sigh...
Inline image 10

Then some hoochie swept in and got the first kiss.
Inline image 11

And then we stopped speaking English for awhile

Inline image 12
And then of course there was a girl named Joelle who showed up like she got lost on her way to an EDM concert and had a unicorn head on...
Inline image 13

Another girl asked to be called Red Velvet...and that's all I'm gonna say about that...
Inline image 14

Then a mini horse named Bubba showed up
Inline image 15

And he tried to eat the competition
Inline image 16

Then a lady brought her eating disorder front and center and asked Ben to destroy bread with her because it is Satan.
Inline image 17
Ben was then asked if he was the onesie...
Inline image 18
And then since it is 2016, a hover board showed up
Inline image 19
Then a normal girl who will go home in like five seconds
Inline image 20

Then a Kaitlyn lookalike named Lauren
Inline image 21

Then there was a marriage invite

These girls are all gorgeous and have never been turned they are going to lose their minds when they get denied this season!

(All Images are pictures taken from Liz Luedeman's television while watching Local 24)



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