Miley Cyrus is nasty...because she shared a toilet selfie...yes, apparently that is a thing.  It's okay if you need a moment to process...because girl took to Instagram wearing what looks like Pajamas covered in Drake's face, blue lipstick and then herself getting down to business. 

Rihanna does not like The Grizzlies and more specifically Matt Barnes.  So we just picked him up as a player like less than two months ago...but he was caught running his mouth to TMZ that he and Rihanna had been on some dates...and while Rihanna normally ignores the rumors, she took to Instagram last night to say he is a liar ...she has never met him...and then she called him a devil, which sucks because it would have been AWESOME to see her at FedEx Forum this season.

Nicki Minaj bailed on a concert early...because a fan got maced in the face.  Get this y'all, at one of her show's in California over the weekend, fans were trying to push forward to get closer to the stage that resulted in a full on brawl with multiple people throwing punches and someone eventually taking some pepper spray to the face.  Nicki brought the maced fan up on stage, hugged her and got some water to help wash her eyes out...and then she decided to not finish her set.
Mary Kate Olsen Sarkozy?!?  Y' looks like Mary Kate finally married her fiance that looks more like her Dad than her lover because he was spotted at a Charity event over the weekend and had a gold wedding band on his ring finger.  

Zac Efron will star in Baywatch.  It is like all of our dreams have come true because Zac...and his abs....will be in the 2017 Reboot...and this seems like a good time to make my announcement...I will also be joining the cast of Baywatch...Just kidding ;)

Jennifer Anniston was married by Jimmy Kimmel...and from what I was a very "Thoreux" ceremony...Hey oh!  Get it...because the groom's last name is  Anyways more details are leaking that Jimmy joined the two in holy matrimony and that to maintain secrecy, everyone had to turn their phones over as soon as they showed up...sneaky sneaky.

Ed Sheeran is single...and ready to mingle. Sorry friends, but yesterday a rumor started that Ed was with cougar Nicole Sherzinger from the Pussycat dolls...but sadly, that is all that it was...just a rumor.  The two were caught in a picture that looked romantic...but it was just a friendly we can continue to hold out hope that one day he and Taylor Swift will get married.
Justin Bieber Deep Sea fishes in tightie whities.  This dude needs a reality the unscripted kind because he spent yesterday on a the ocean, trying catch some fish in his underwear...because...why not?  When you are filthy rich you can do basically whatever you want.  

Nicki Minaj is pregnant.  At least according to her.  On stage over the weekend she asked the crowd to give it up for her Baby's Father, Meek Mill and then the camera panned to him where he was raising his hands in the air.  Now since then she has not confirmed the news...but word on the street is that she is about 3 months along...which explains why she doesn't have a bump yet and hasn't been seen drinking/partying. Congrats Mama Minaj! 


Kim Kardashian rewards her fans...with boobs.  She promised to do something special on Instagram if she hit 42 Million followers...which she did on Saturday to thank her fans she shared a picture of her cleavage that is so can see her spanx.  
Justin Bieber has an "older" lady in his life...Mariah Carey and these two made sweet music because they are working on a collaboration that is not set to be out for a couple more months...except I already have my hands on it!  It is called "Why You Mad" and The Biebs even has his own verse in it.  As far as Bieber songs go, it is good. 
Miley Cyrus has Bad Blood...and slams Taylor Swift in her interview with Marie Claire...she doesn't exactly name names but she talks about how unfair Hollywood is when we support someone with a revenge song but then judge her for being naked.  She basically says that at the end of the day, both parties are bad role models but for some reason we find one acceptable and the other appalling. 


Rihanna half naked and twerking.  I do not even know how girl moves her butt like that...but she does and did.  She attended a Crop festival in her native Barbados where she showed up wearing basically just jewels and feathered wings.  She rode through a parade on a float and that is where she got down and dirty...and ladies...if you are trying to learn some new moves, the video is up on my Twitter ...but be careful, I almost threw a hip out trying it.

and sadsies
Gwen Stefani is getting divorced.  After 13 years and three kids together, Gwen announced yesterday that she and Gavin Rossdale are mutually splitting.  They both filed their divorce papers stating Blah Blah Blah...but lets just hope Gavin is sure he wants to go through with this because you know...I heard Gwen Ain't No Hollaback girl...


Miley Cyrus eating cake topless.  This girl is crazy because yesterday she shared a pic of her and GF Stella Maxwell indulging in cake..and oh, yeah, Miley is topless and covered in glitter in it.  She just captioned it "This is how we party"...which I might just be getting old now...but I have no idea how this lady parties as hard as she does.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are not getting least yet.  Yesterday the rumor mill turned hardcore that these two had officially called it quits and I am not sure whether it was just a bold face lie...or these two made up because a couple hours after the headline hit the streets, Will publicly posted it  that if he ever divorced Jada...he would tell us himself.



Chris Hemsworth is getting the man who was once People's Sexiest Man Alive and a very musclelisious down to only 500 calories a day to play the role of a shipwrecked dude in an upcomming movie.  Now Chris says he spends most of his time dreaming about Pizza and Ice Cream...which come on...we all do...but he is sticking to the diet for now to help with the role.  Lets take a moment of silence for his once rocking bod
Mr Taylor Swift was not always so pretty...turns out Calvin Harris also went through the awkward teen years like rest of us common folk, because he posted a Throwback yesterday and dude had acne, whack hair, an awkward polo and was legit a pooka shell necklace away from looking like one of the tool bags I went to high school with. 
Caitlyn Jenner is beating the Kardashians...bump keeping up with them, because the debut of her show "I am Cait" on Sunday night had the best ratings anyone in the Kardashian clan has seen in years.  She brought in around 2.5 Million people, which on the reals...wasn't me, I was watching Big Brother, but E! is expecting big things out of her.  So move over Kim, Caitlyn is the new cash cow for the family.
One Direction fans were lied to!  Because Zayn just announced he has signed with a new record label so that he can pursue his solo career.  Now if you remember, earlier in the year he announced that he was leaving the Boy Band so that he could have more privacy and live a normal life...well we have determined that was a lie...dude apparently had a bad attitude in the band and thought he could do better on his own...but based off Twitter reactions...I don't think his 1D fans are following him.

Britney Spears has still got it going on...because girl can do splits.  It don't matter that she is a momma in her 30's...she is still a dancer because a pic was snapped of her on vacation chilling on the beach doing splits in the sand and laughing her face off. 

Katy Perry tried to be sexy...and failed.  Don't get me wrong...girl is gorgeous but she stripped down to literally just lingerie for a Vogue shoot and with her new haircut...looks like a sexy Kris Jenner...I cannot take this thing serious!
John Stamos is Home...excuse me while my face leaks tears of excitment...because John is back not only out of rehab...but back on the set for Fuller house.  Yesterday the show was filming and an audience member snapped some pics and lets just have a few seconds of silence...
Blake Shelton put Miranda's items out on the curb.  Just when it looked like these two were done slinging mud, Blake put Miranda's stuff in trash bags and threw it out on his porch yesterday.  Now Miranda's people are saying that it was stuff she didn't want and told him he could throw out or donate...but that sounds like she is saving face...but on the reals..if they are just giving it away, I have my eye on that rainboot I see.
Miley Cyrus is coming out of the gate swinging...and giving the people the controversy they want because in one of her first promos for the MTV Video Awards...she gives the middle finger and then proceeds to dance around with both hands flipping you the bird. So if you were worried she was going to keep it tame...worry no more. 

Last night was the best night of this season of the Bachelorette...the part where it ended.  Love the show, this season...not so much and I think it was because the whole thing was about Katelyn and the toolbag Nick...well he got his last night because he went into the proposal confident and Katelyn let him go on and on and on...until she, just no.  She of course chose Ryan Gosling look alike Shawn...and I'm sure they will be very happy together...

Taylor Swift's fans are turning against her...because they think she took a shot at Katy Perry while in concert. During a show over the weekend a shark appeared on stage and Taylor started laughing and folks are saying she was making fun of Katy's superbowl sharks...but look...clearly different sharks.  One seems to be a great white and the other seems to be bottle nosed.  Plus it is Taylot Swift, give her the benefit of the doubt, she was probably to busy reading to underpriveleged children or replanting trees in the rainforrest or something to have even seen the super bowl.

And y'all...DAAAANNNGG!! Khloe Kardashian has got it going on.  This is homegirl in a photospread for some magazine no one knows and she looks so good...everyone thinks it is fake.  So she tweeted out an unedited image, that in all it's glowing glory looks even more edited.  No hate on her body because I understand that we can look different in pictures than video, like check my pic taken just five minutes ago...completely real...

Kanye West is a Man Child...because he threw a fit while performing at The Pan Am games...which I think are like the Olympics except Canada doesn't invite anyone else to play.  He was having mic issues and instead of continuing or calmly trying to fix it...he threw it up in the air and walked off stage.  And y'all...he was so mad...he could fly.  Like he did some Micheal Jordan in Space Jam moves...

So majestic...and I'm Liz...and thats your E on the Q!  

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